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Hey everyone! Over the next week, you'll find the community's going to be updated and revamped -- if you want to help out, be sure to drop us a line here or at our personal journals. To try and breathe some life into the community again, we're going to have some discussion posts set up - feel free to spam these with your opinion. We'll also be hosting a "Holes Friending Meme", and an icon makers week with prompts and images to get you in the creative mood!

How you can be involved:
+ Feel free to post your own picspams, of your favourite parts of Holes, or your favourite characters
+ Start a fic war!
+ Pimp the community to any and all of your friends-list.
+ Make your own colourbars/icons/headers/friends banners/graphics and post 'em here!
+ Pull out your DVD and watch it again, and then join in the fun on the Movie Post.
+ Try and get your friends/partner/dog/fish to watch the movie with you! Get someone else hooked.
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